LED Honorary Associates Scheme

Our ‘Honorary Associates’ scheme has been devised to help us develop a network of scholars who share our interest in the history of listening to music, and to provide a way in which we can acknowledge the support and expertise of our contributors. 

Who is eligible to become an Honorary Associate? 

Anyone who applies and meets the criteria. We envisage that this might include, for example, members of current and past LED Project Teams, delegates at our conferences, symposia and seminars, and contributors to the database. 

What are the benefits of attaining Honorary Associate status? 

Honorary Associates form a network of those interested in the continuing work of the LED project. As an Honorary Associate you would be named (if you choose) on the LED (www.open.ac.uk/Arts/LED) and Network (www.listeningexperience.org) websites, where you can also have a research profile. You would receive information on developments and events, and may be consulted on future developments of the project. No remuneration or in-kind institutional benefits are conferred simply by virtue of being an Honorary Associate, but Honorary Associate status does not bar you from any paid employment opportunities that might become available on the project. 

What are the criteria for attaining Honorary Associate status? 

You need to be able to demonstrate a previous connection with the project. This could be, for example, as a member of the Project Team or Advisory Board, as a giver of a LED conference presentation, or as an inputter of entries into the database. You also need to demonstrate continuing engagement with the project; for example, by continuing to add entries to the database, or by being involved in some other way. 

Who confers the status? 

This is not an institutional affiliation; the status is conferred by the leaders of the LED project. 

For how long would the status last? 

Honorary Associate status is reviewed at a fixed point every two years. 

What is the application process? 

Applications are welcome at any time – there is no deadline. Letters of applications (1 side A4 maximum) explaining how you meet the criteria should be sent to arts-listening-experience@open.ac.uk

LED Honorary Associates

Robert Fraser

LED Honorary Associate