Submit your visualisation

to the @listenexp Data Hackathon by 15 Oct.

Submit your visualisation to the @listenexp Data Hackathon by 15 Oct.

The Listening Experience Database (LED) Project ( is an effort to collate people’s private experiences of listening to music. Exploring a wide variety of sources, the project has collected over 10,000 unique experiences into its database. This data is open for consumption by software applications and by people, and it is published using the open standards of Linked Data, such as RDF for representation and SPARQL for querying (available at
The LED project is pleased to announce a decentralised hackathon of its dataset. This hackathon is focused on generating new and innovative methods of visualising the data within the LED database. A reference version of the dataset is made available from the hackathon page for download. We, therefore, invite submissions from individuals and teams that visualise LED data. Winning submissions will be invited to London to present the results at the LED conference ‘Digital Methodologies for Understanding Musical Experience’ on 21 November 2018.
Entrants should email a 1-page description of their visualisation and its benefits (screenshots can be included on additional pages) to the LED project team at by 15 October 2018.
Winning entries will be notified on or before 31 October, with the LED Project offering to pay travel and subsistence fees for one person from each winning entry to attend and present their visualisation at the LED conference on 21 November 2018 at the School of Advanced Study, University of London.  

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